Customer Responsibilities

Last updated 08/17/2021 07:07:04 PM UTC

To use the Frayt Services as a Customer, you must: (i) be 18 years or older; (ii) be using the Services for business rather than personal use; and (iii) comply with the following requirements as well as the Frayt Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Delivery Agreement Terms.


Customers are responsible for:

  1. Making sure any information you provide about an item, location or service request, such as the address, size, contents, value or other information is truthful and accurate; 
  2. Verifying that you are the owner of Items and have the right to ship any Items under applicable laws;
  3. Having the Items ready to ship at the door of the pickup location.  You understand that you will be charged a “Detention Fee” at a rate of $1/min for every minute beyond the initial 15 minutes a Driver is required to wait at a pickup or drop off location.  Dropoff and pickup times will be counted separately and will not be aggregated. The Detention Fees will not be charged if a Driver is late for a properly scheduled pickup.  If the Driver waits for more than two hours, the Driver will leave the location unless you authorize in writing via email for the Driver to continue waiting and incurring the Detention Fee;
  4. Using reasonable precautions before entering into a Delivery Agreement, sharing personal information or otherwise interacting with a Driver or other Frayt user; 


Customers agree not to:

  1.  Make any requests or otherwise communicate with Drivers outside of the Frayt app; 
  2. Request Drivers enter your business or otherwise request any additional services that have not been provided for in the Delivery Agreement, such as moving or packing Items within your business;
  3. Engage in any conduct that is defamatory, indecent, hateful, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, sexist, discriminatory, disgraceful, vulgar, violent, threatens violence or is otherwise inappropriate;
  4. Decline to engage any Driver based on their race, gender, religion, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, disability or for any other discriminatory reason; and
  5. Contact, threaten, harass or otherwise engage any Driver except as reasonably required to obtain fulfillment of the Delivery Agreement.

You understand that you will be exclusively liable for any injuries or damages that result from your failure to comply with these obligations.  You may also be prohibited from using the Frayt Services or face other legal consequences if you fail to comply. 


Please contact us at if you have any questions!